The Calamity Omen

The Intersection of Two Worst-Case Scenarios

Originally Published on January 22, 2022

We are on the eve of what I believe will be the most domestically-violent summer in our country’s history, that will be sparked by a “wag the dog” moment that rivals any in history, but shares some frightening and eerie parallels.

The entire powder keg will explode following the 2022 midterms, when the Democrats suffer historic losses in the United States Congressional elections. This will be the real violent insurrection, the one that Democrats have been preparing for since their non-violent insurrection began the moment Hillary Clinton lost in the 2016 elections.

The United States is arguably as dysfunctional as it has ever been, maybe even more than it was just prior to the Civil War. While that may sound hyperbolic, let us first consider the parallels that prefaced the Civil War.

While slavery was a real and terrible thing, the left has been perpetuating a false narrative regarding the state of race relations in America since very early in the Obama Administration, when Democrats peddled false information about the Michael Brown incident. Their violently-irresponsible rhetoric initiated a war on America’s law enforcement officers that they would then sew into a larger conspiracy between America’s conservatives, white ones, and every citizen of color — unless those people of color were also conservatives. An outrageous and illogical dichotomy that still has so many minds caught in its vacuum.

Americans still haven’t swept up the ashes from 2020, but radical progressives in the Biden Administration are already striking the magnesium between America’s two extremes of political dogma. Tragically there will be another incident, likely a justifiable shooting by law enforcement, that ignites another year of widespread riots and misreporting by the most reliable and culpable weapon the progressives have —the mainstream media.

One has a legit worry to speculate and expect that more groups on the right could see the justified exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse as a motivation to take up arms in cities across the country. And they have every right to, in accordance with the law and the Second Amendment. It will, however, intensify one of the catalysts for violence. The show of force is not at all exclusive to “white conservatives” as the media would lead you to believe, though. The group abbreviated as the NFCA is a heavily-armed black supremacist group advocating for black separatism. They were very vocal and demonstrably visible during the 2020 riots.

The racial undertones in America are as tense as they have been since the 1850’s.

Next, consider the debate between State and Federal powers that has been amplified by the alleged Covid-19 pandemic. The States and the Federal government were at contention with each other prior to the Civil War, as well. While progressives are quick to nullify that argument as parallel to slavery, they conveniently leave out the fact that it was a tax imposition by the Federal Government that led to one of the first showdowns between State and Federal powers.

The Nullification Crisis of 1832 rarely gets a mention in sociopolitical debates about the Civil War, yet it was the root cause that led to the eventual cessation of South Carolina from the Union — the first State to secede. South Carolina had declared Federal policy (tariffs at the time) null and void. States are now, appropriately, declaring the Biden Administration’s oppressive vaccine policies null and void. And in fact, the Supreme Court has affirmed as much.

Either of these issues, race or governing powers, has the vulnerability to be a flashpoint of their own. That we are living through a time when both are at a breaking point portends calamity on the horizon. But what makes our current era even more dynamic than Civil War America, is the variable of foreign policy and global affairs. There weren’t competing superpowers of any notability in 1861. Most empirical powers of Europe were waning. There wasn’t a prevalence of mass migration or global terrorism, either.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is nearly imminent. This will set off the distraction that Democrats crave to take away from Joe Biden’s first-year dumpster fire of a presidency — arguably the worst in US History. In desperation, progressives will use any measure to retain power. They have proven by their own behavior that they will go to any length to destroy the lives of the American public in order to win one election, and they are certainly not beneath destroying the lives of citizens in another country in order to attempt to manipulate another election.

The Biden Administration doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the radical end of his own party, let alone Vladimir Putin, and he is completely willing to sacrifice the nation of Ukraine in order to feign a reason to be responsive to a conflict rather then preempt that conflict. Putin recognizes the weakness of Joe Biden and US foreign policy in the moment. He also sees an opportunity to further weaken the interior of the United States by manipulating Biden into foreign conflict that most of the country knows is avoidable, doesn’t want, and certainly doesn’t need.

Recall the timing of Jimmy Carter’s hostage crisis in Iran, which began in November 1979. Iranian terrorists seized the United States Embassy in Tehran, taking hostages and triggering the most profound crisis of the Carter presidency. That, in addition to widespread domestic issues Carter could not effectively lead through. It is hard to argue that Biden’s deadly mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal this past August wasn’t exponentially more catastrophic, nor are his current domestic failures any less prevalent, if not worse.

The Russians saw the weakness of Jimmy Carter the same way they do Joe Biden. In December 1979, out of contention for American influence in Afghanistan, Russia invaded Afghanistan and further crushed US economic and foreign policy. Today, Russia claims contention with American influence in Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine, and is poised to initiate a military conflict in that region.

The conflict initiated by Russia will force a response by Joe Biden, a US President who has one of the lowest domestic approval ratings of all time; and, arguably the least amount of respect or influence on the world stage of any US President since Jimmy Carter. A US President with a domestic population already at impassioned and polarized odds over a false race narrative and the encroachment of Federal Government on the powers of the States, in disregard of the Tenth Amendment.

There is very little we can do to stop the impending urban unrest across the United States. The minds of too many have been washed full of radical and toxic presuppositions. We can, however, continue to speak the truth until we have appealed to more minds than not — until we have not slept until our neighbors have the imperative and truthful information about those things which have been maliciously used to divide us. The lies and omissions of truth from the mainstream media and the political class.

We can also protect ourselves. Prior to Rucksack Radio, I hosted the Federalist Forum, and produced two brief podcasts explaining ways one can avoid becoming a casualty of the type of violence we should expect to see this summer. Defending Yourself Against Radicalism and Election Day Preparations both contain segments about tangible ways you can prepare for, avoid, and/or confront potential of becoming a victim to these violent and unconstitutional demonstrations.

Making the entire ordeal invariably worse, is that we do not have an Abraham Lincoln in the White House. We have the incompetent shell of a man whose entire political career, five decades of it, have been a foreign policy failure.

We must continue to appeal to minds over emotions. The Plague of Athens during the Peloponnesian War (fought between the two most powerful adversaries at the time) would see the breakdown of the Athenian city-state. However, the strongest minds of the time, including Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon, and Antisthenes would endure through and grow out of those cataclysmic times. The truth would survive, and the world would become stronger, smarter, and morally righteous with those truths.

Keep thinking critically, keep speaking loudly, and keep advancing the truth!

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