Cities of Ruin, The Progressive Destruction of America

One distinct and indisputable advantage science holds over rhetoric is that is it measurable. Statistically, Americans don’t need to look further than cities run by political Democrats to see the effects of failed liberal leadership. Whether it is violent crime, high pollution, increased poverty, or struggling literacy, the largest cities with the greatest downfalls are all led by Democrats. This is substantiated by verifiable data … Continue reading Cities of Ruin, The Progressive Destruction of America

Common Sense School Safety

If we want to reduce the number of victims of gun violence, we need to accept that different environments will require different measures. Fortunately, reducing school shooting incidents may be one of the simplest to mitigate. Increased security measures in our nation’s schools can be implemented without turning schools into a prison fortress, contrary to the impulsive hyperbole offered by opponents to the idea. Corporate … Continue reading Common Sense School Safety

What Second Amendment Opponents Get Wrong

Americans find themselves in another contentious moment of debate over the right of citizens to keep and bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment. There are two arguments, generally, offered by opponents of 2A. One argument is whether or not citizens should be armed and the other is comprehension of the founders’ intent. To the point of the latter argument, the intent of 2A, … Continue reading What Second Amendment Opponents Get Wrong