Identifying The Extremist Ideology Within The Trojan Horse Known As The Patriot Front

Americans who identify as conservatives face a growing threat from parasites attaching to the host for survival, much the same way the most radical members of any larger movement relentlessly propagated mistruths with conventional taglines used to cloak their radical beliefs.

The Patriot Front is no friend of conservatives, or any other American of any political inclination who measures our liberties and successes upon ideals borne from historical majesties — such as the framework of our United States Constitution, the value of opportunity propelled by places like Ellis Island, or the many bloody battles won through the spirit of collective American courage at Yorktown, Gettysburg, Belleau Woods, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Hue City, Kuwait City, Fallujah, or thousands of others.

The Patriot Front has a lengthy manifesto posted online. At quick glance, minds that are easily drawn into a quest for patriotism might take immediate comfort with creatively-written phrases that seem to equate to values we might otherwise all share, at least in productive thought. On the first page, for example, Patriot Front states, “Generation after generation lived in war and strife so that their descendants may know peace. It was their duty to give their lives in such a way. The torch is now passed to our generation, and it is our duty to make their sacrifices mean something.”

This is a statement that resonates strongly with many Americans, especially those with a family history of military service or a humble and indebted appreciation for that. It is a quick victory to gain allies, particularly among those who figure there is nothing more to read in the next dozen pages of the manifesto that could possibly change their flattering feel for the group after such a dutiful observation.

If one does read further, they find other passionately-written phrases that they will most likely agree with. In another paragraph, Patriot Front avers, “Collective liberty is the freedom our people must share from the forces which seek nothing less than our binding and unconditional submission.” In the wake of so many oppressive mandates related to the alleged COVID pandemic, how could anyone of sane mind refute the simple but powerful truth of that?

The Patriot Front Manifesto continues for more than a dozen pages, and more than 3,000 words that are craftily woven throughout the document to cloak the groups most finite purpose, the advancement of an Anglo civilization that does not refuse recognition of alternative ethnicities, but it does wholly discount them and state them as subservient to the greater cause of the group and the future they see for America, based on their very ignorant and narrow view of history. One could argue they choose to cherry-pick and rewrite history with no less malice than those who propagate the racially-divisive and factually-inaccurate 1619 project. The only difference being the color of the supremacy motive.

Their manifesto contains several examples of how the Patriot Front believes that citizenship has an ethnic order. In one such statement, rather boldly, they claim, “Nationhood cannot be bestowed upon those who are not of the founding stock of our people, and those who do not share the common spirit that permeates our greater civilization, and the European diaspora.” In other words, if you are not of an Anglo European heritage, you are not worthy of the title of “American.”

Patriot Front also states, clearly, “Those of foreign birth may occupy civil status within the lands occupied by the state, and they may even be dutiful citizens, yet they may not be American. Membership within the American nation is inherited through blood, not ink. Even those born in America may yet be foreign.”

Imagine thinking that Albert Einstein, Joseph Pulitzer, Liz Claiborne, Bob Marley, Nikola Tesla, or Irving Berlin have no right to call themselves Americans. These are but a few of many millions who have achieved American greatness even though born upon foreign soil.

There is no mistaking the theme of white supremacy that stains the Patriot Front manifesto in so many areas. Another: “The American Identity was something uniquely forged in the struggle that our ancestors waged to survive in this new continent. America is truly unique in this pan-European identity which forms the roots of our nationhood. To be an American is to realize this identity and take up the national struggle upon one’s shoulders. Not simply by birth is one granted this title but by the degree to which he works and fulfills the potential of his birth. No man is complete simply to live, but to do more than that; to strive to create a path onward for his people, and to connect with the heritage he is undeniably a part of. That is what completes a man. Only then is he truly deserving of the title and a place among his people.”

There are also a number of statements that can border complete cognitive dissonance. One of those is found about halfway through the document, where it is said, “This continent was conquered not by the men who drew borders on maps but by the members of the nation who trod out into the unknown to seek the future.” The Patriot Front most certainly contend with our border crisis, which is another area in which they garner support from outside of their Trojan Horse. But ask yourself with objection, could the same statement not be made by men traveling thousands of miles from the south — that they have trod into the unknown to seek the future?

That is an oversimplification, yes, and immigration law is important. Few Americans deny the value of legal immigration, however, but the Patriot Front doesn’t even recognize that much.

Perhaps the most glaring loss of intellectual gravity in the entire manifesto can be found in the section where the Patriot Front discusses identity of the individual and the collective: “Every man exists as a member of several collectives, and of these collectives a select few identities have strategically been stripped from our people’s sense of self. You are a member of a family, a community, a nation, and a race beyond that.” They seem to miss the “human race” part of that, which would class above all other subordinate ethnic races, including the Anglo race.

Aligning with the Patriot Front means one makes a decision to associate with their core values, which are exclusionary and inherently racist. It is the exact type of dynamic that the left enjoys, and is legit in using, to paint everyone on the right as guilty by association. We might not like that, but that aversion does not make it untrue when we welcome groups like the Patriot Front into our greater conservative cause. Now is the time to take that argument away from the left, before it even starts to populate the narrative leading up to the 2022 midterm elections. Conservatives should all unite in admonishing the Patriot Front, and calling them out for exactly who they are, a fringe group of radical, oppressive extremists trying to hide within the cloak of patriotism and liberty. They are frauds and imposters, and no better than Antifa is on the left.

They are not us. We are not them. They are a danger to the ideals of our constitutional republic, and we risk their deceitful antics causing a terrible sabotage of conservative hopes in the next two immediate election cycles. We must call attention to all extremism, especially that which tries to disguise itself among an otherwise just cause.

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