The US Ground War In Ukraine May Be On The Horizon

The foreign policy disaster that the Biden Administration has made of Ukraine could get much worse in the not so distant future. US assistance packages continue to grow in size and frequency, there is no withdrawal of the Russians from their offensive, and this week Ukraine expanded their defenses back into the Crimean peninsula, which they had basically abandoned throughout this fight.

Certainly one cannot fault them for wanting to reestablish their sovereignty—especially when the entire cost of the weapons and munitions for that are being borne mostly by the US Taxpayer. Some may want to consider that a callous perspective, but it’s one that may soon move from economic to kinetic in cost for Americans. Are we ready for the loss of American lives in Ukraine?

The runway is already there for President Biden. He has the authority, rather boldly underwritten in the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022, that was gifted to him by congress back in May. There are no additional approvals he needs to seek to put US troops into Ukraine.

Furthermore, the UDDLLA doesn’t just cover 2022, but rather extends through the end of 2023. That means that even if the GOP takes control of congress in the 2022 midterms, there is very little they can do to stop Joe Biden’s personal crusade against Russia. Joe Biden has near-unilateral authority to send an unlimited amount of weapons to Ukraine.

Unlike most lengthy bills written by congress, the UDDLLA is rather brief. It does, however, allow for broad executive powers. The final section of the Act, arguably the most important, directs the country to the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2794) for the definition of what exact arms Joe Biden is allowed to send to Ukraine. Section 3 of the act goes on to list basically every type of combat hardware that exists in the United States military arsenal.

Still, Joe Biden’s authority doesn’t end there. Section 5 goes on to not just afford, but hold an expectation that the President is making training accountable for equipment we are lending. Training in this section is defined specifically as: “training includes formal or informal instruction of foreign students in the United States or overseas by officers or employees of the United States, contract technicians, or contractors (including instruction at civilian institutions), or by correspondence courses, technical, educational, or information publications and media of all kinds, training aid, orientation, training exercise, and military advice to foreign military units and forces.”

For months, both the US Government and its mouthpieces in the media have been pushing the importance of artillery for Ukrainian forces. There are examples of this across the political aisle, and objectively speaking, it’s an important component of this type of warfare. But at what ultimate cost?

A recent article that surveyed combat units operating in Ukraine suggested what sounds like a devastating chasm in the artillery capabilities of the Ukrainian military. They are not just outnumbered, but outmaneuvered and learning entirely new systems without any formal forward element in place. The article concludes by stating that what is most needed by Ukraine is training more front line observer teams for battalions, and a vital need to create a separate trade of artillery intelligence.

The US is not only providing Ukraine with artillery, they are modernizing and completely restructuring Ukraine’s battlefield armament with Western equipment. The continued push for more artillery systems will also be the open door that the Biden Administration uses along with his powers under the UDDLLA to move US Troops into the Ukrainian theater of war. Of course, he’ll call them advisors. That’s exactly what we called our first troops in Vietnam and Afghanistan, too.

In most instances, those in the US military who are specially trained in the trade of artillery intelligence, are members of the US Marine Corps ANGLICO Units or specially-trained soldiers in the Army, attached to Ranger Battalions or Airborne Units like the 101st that was recently forward-deployed to the front lines just this week.

The Biden Administration has all of the pieces in position. He’s been quietly amassing the US military footprint to more than 100,000 troops in Europe. He’s signed a law giving him two years of unrestricted ability to send arms into Ukraine—the same law that allows him to send troops in. And finally, he’s had his propaganda machine in the media working for him unquestioningly since the beginning of this conflict.

Russia is not backing down. Ukraine is not backing down. Rather than sit them both down and work towards a diplomatic framework, watch for the continued incompetence of the current White House Administration to further escalate the situation. If you’ve been listening, they have not made any appeal for diplomacy. Just continued warmongering. Tragically, that may soon come at cost even greater than green for Americans.

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