Ilhan Omar’s Timeline of Deceit

In a recent video posted online, Ilhan Omar again uses the lies of her alleged background as the basis for her counterintuitive warmongering, and continued support of funneling billions of American tax dollars into the corrupt Ukrainian regime.

She claims to have been a child of the Somali Civil War, who fled for a four-year stay in a Kenyan refugee camp before coming to the United States, but Ilhan Omar’s stories just don’t add up.

Omar has done interviews with numerous publications, among those are revealing moments with Time, The New Yorker, The Pioneer Press, The Duluth News Tribune, and the Middle East Eye, with regards to the circumstances of her journey to the United States.

Awhile back I had tweeted a thread (which Twitter removed before suspending my account permanently) highlighting the conflicting timelines in Omar’s story. Her own campaign website shares a different timeline than the ones she gave in several different interviews. But by all accounts, Omar was nowhere near the armed conflict of the Somali Civil War before she fled to Kenya. This is important, as depending on which version of her own story is true, it calls into question when or how she even came to the United States.

In the article by The New Yorker, Omar is said to have been in Somalia in 1991, and then in “busy, dirty New York” in 1992. According to this account, there is no way Omar would have spent 4 years in a Kenyan refugee camp prior to coming to the United States.

In an article with the Pioneer Press in the Twin Cities, Omar is said to have resettled in Virginia before moving to Minneapolis. There is no mention of New York at all. Conversely, there’s no mention of Virginia in her interview with The New Yorker.

So which is it? Was she in New York? Virginia? Was she in Kenya at all? Why are there such glaring inconsistencies in her stories? Could it be that it’s all a lie that’s continuing to be covered up by the Democrats?

Before you tune that out as a conspiracy theory, know that I don’t typically fall victim to those and lend them very little credence. So, I decided to dig further.

At some point between my previously linked Twitter thread to Omar and her most recent interview with the Middle East Eye, Omar’s date of birth was changed by the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, both in their archives and her Wikipedia page. However, the date conflicts with what is given on her website and on Wiki just prior to the Twitter thread calling out the gaps in her story. I’m sometimes obsessed with grabbing screenshots. I’m sure glad I did in this case.

The fact that her date of birth has been changed to try and close the gaps in her story, and that it was seemingly done covertly, is profoundly malicious and deeply concerning. It is highly doubtful that years after she began her campaign and almost 6 months into her congressional term, she just recently realized her birthdate was wrong in all congressional and public records.

Omar could, of course, clear this all up by disclosing her immigration documents, but she has refused to make them public. For someone so antagonist toward the President regarding his tax returns – not a required disclosure – she has no room to talk about legitimacy when she refuses to disclose her immigration papers.

In her interview with the Middle East Eye reports that she was born in 1981 and arrived in Virginia in 1995, after being in a Kenyan refugee camp for 4 years (beginning in 1991). The problem is that according to Omar’s own campaign website, her interview with Time, and her interview with The New Yorker, she fled Somalia when she was 8 years old.

Where was (or wasn’t) she between 1989 and 1991? Whatever the case, she was nowhere near armed conflict. Omar may be able to change the dates of her birth but she cannot change the dates of recorded history. Omar admittedly lived a life of privilege in Baidoa, Somalia, more than 130 miles from the armed conflict in Mogadishu. Her upbringing included living in a wealthy, private compound complete with domestic help and early education.

Omar was nowhere near armed conflict. None of her dates, or changed dates, would support that notion, as Baidoa didn’t see militia incursion until 1995 after Omar was already in the United States.

There are too many contradictions in Omar’s stories with major publications both in her home State and nationally. Furthermore, the mysterious change of her date of birth in the congressional register and her wiki bio after being called out on her varying stories, is cause for alarm. Some versions of her story imply she was never a refugee, while other versions cannot account for several years of her life.

While the voters of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District ultimately need to speak otherwise, as a country we need to press our government to disclose Omar’s immigration records. And, we must demand an explanation as to the contradictions in her story and the reason for the sudden (quiet) changes to Omar’s congressional and public biography once those contradictions where pointed out.

The integrity of our constitutional system of laws and government is being compromised by foreign nationals with an intention to lie with malice and disregard, continually. It’s up to We the People to reverse the dangerous course the Democrats have set us on. It must start by expelling Omar from her Congressional seat and demanding she prove the legitimacy of her citizenship.

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