Arab-Israeli Conflict

The following resources consistently offer news or content related to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict. The views expressed of each linked account are their own and do not represent those of Rucksack Radio. Rucksack Radio does not endorse or support calls for violence by any group. This list is provided as a research tool for educators, journalists, or subject-matter enthusiasts. The resources listed below may be in a native language or in English. The resources are not listed in any particular order other than being grouped by geographical distinction. This list is subject to change/update. (Last update 9/5/2022).

Israeli Sources

Israeli Defense Forces (Hebrew)
Israeli Defense Forces (English)
Yediot News Israel
Global Telegram
Arab World 301
Hananya Naftali
ILTV News 247
AA News Israel
Ynet News
World Israel News

Palestinian Sources

Gaza Now
Shebab 1
Shebab 2
Hosam Press
Quds News Network
Jenin Qassam
Jenin Gheer
Jenin News1
Suburb Nablus
Nablus Mix News

Lebanese Sources

Al Masirah
Al Masirah 2
Al Mayadeen
Lebanon News 2
Lebanese News & Updates

Syrian Sources

Syrian News 46
The Syria News
The Syria Report
The Syrian Observer
Souria Post
Syrian Girl
Syriana Analysis
Syria News
Syria Updates

Yemeni Sources

Yemen News 21
Yemen Today
Aziz Sagheir

Iranian Sources

Mahdi Kh
Iran City of Sun
Mohamed Nadimi
Iranic TV
Iran International
Iran Defense

Miscellaneous Middle East Sources

New Press
Mzahem Alsaloum
Nafiseh Kohnavard
Unit 84
Samir Madani
Jason Brodsky
Aurora Intel
SITE Intel Jihadist Threat
Military Air Tracking Alliance

Supplemental Resource Tools

Liveuamap Middle East
Extremism Liveuamap

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