America Was Founded A Christian Nation

By Tommy Liberty – 4/22/2023 The premise of religious liberty is an often-debated and sometimes heatedly-contentious topic, but it is one that is also very clear to those who choose to objectify all historical facts with intellectual honesty. Because we celebrate the secular diversity of our American melting pot does not mean we were not founded upon Christian principles. Our entire legal system, the one … Continue reading America Was Founded A Christian Nation

Restoring the Republic

It is time for a Declaration of Independents As our society tears itself apart by either propagation or casualty of polarized narratives, our saving grace can be found within the very documents that both the left and right contend the meanings of. The Declaration of Independence, as one example, contains the solution in the very title. Independence. It is just that literal. We return to the … Continue reading Restoring the Republic

Toxic Absolutism

The Birth and Death of Ideas Absolutism is where intelligence dies. Intelligence is where absolutism dies. We make a conscious choice to accept which one we feel more gravity towards, an ideology of absolutism or one of intelligence. There are elements of either in both, but the totality of their weight on the other is what defines how we approach our beliefs and ultimately our … Continue reading Toxic Absolutism