The US Ground War In Ukraine May Be On The Horizon

The foreign policy disaster that the Biden Administration has made of Ukraine could get much worse in the not so distant future. US assistance packages continue to grow in size and frequency, there is no withdrawal of the Russians from their offensive, and this week Ukraine expanded their defenses back into the Crimean peninsula, which they had basically abandoned throughout this fight. Certainly one cannot … Continue reading The US Ground War In Ukraine May Be On The Horizon

Frayed Ends Of Sanity

The Concepts and Contexts of the War in Ukraine There are fringe arguments that remain very skeptical of the events in Ukraine. Mostly, I believe these perspectives are enabled by a media that covers a generally narrow view of events. One can find a variety of views, but they generally convey the same message. Because of how the recent COVID-19 events were so irresponsibly propagated, … Continue reading Frayed Ends Of Sanity