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Latest Posts

Turkish Expansion

Turkish influence in Eurasia is something we need to pay attention to as much as Russian, Chinese, or Iranian influence. Arguably, with regards to Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, we ought to pay a lot more attention to it considering history. Over the past 6 months many (in the West) have finally… Continue reading Turkish Expansion

The US Ground War In Ukraine May Be On The Horizon

The foreign policy disaster that the Biden Administration has made of Ukraine could get much worse in the not so distant future. US assistance packages continue to grow in size and frequency, there is no withdrawal of the Russians from their offensive, and this week Ukraine expanded their defenses back into the Crimean peninsula, which… Continue reading The US Ground War In Ukraine May Be On The Horizon

Identifying The Extremist Ideology Within The Trojan Horse Known As The Patriot Front

Americans who identify as conservatives face a growing threat from parasites attaching to the host for survival, much the same way the most radical members of any larger movement relentlessly propagated mistruths with conventional taglines used to cloak their radical beliefs. The Patriot Front is no friend of conservatives, or any other American of any… Continue reading Identifying The Extremist Ideology Within The Trojan Horse Known As The Patriot Front


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