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2 Veterans • 1 Mission • 1776 Reasons

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Latest Posts

Identifying The Extremist Ideology Within The Trojan Horse Known As The Patriot Front

Americans who identify as conservatives face a growing threat from parasites attaching to the host for survival, much the same way the most radical members of any larger movement relentlessly propagated mistruths with conventional taglines used to cloak their radical beliefs. The Patriot Front is no friend of conservatives, or any other American of any … Continue reading Identifying The Extremist Ideology Within The Trojan Horse Known As The Patriot Front

Cities of Ruin, The Progressive Destruction of America

One distinct and indisputable advantage science holds over rhetoric is that is it measurable. Statistically, Americans don’t need to look further than cities run by political Democrats to see the effects of failed liberal leadership. Whether it is violent crime, high pollution, increased poverty, or struggling literacy, the largest cities with the greatest downfalls are … Continue reading Cities of Ruin, The Progressive Destruction of America

Common Sense School Safety

If we want to reduce the number of victims of gun violence, we need to accept that different environments will require different measures. Fortunately, reducing school shooting incidents may be one of the simplest to mitigate. Increased security measures in our nation’s schools can be implemented without turning schools into a prison fortress, contrary to … Continue reading Common Sense School Safety


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